Worldwide shipping services.

Our customizable port drayage services put you in control, no matter the size of your project. TDB port experts can ensure that your imports/exports are handled in a quick and timely manner to minimize demurrage and detention fees. Streamline your supply chain and combine our drayage, warehousing, and transloading services into one package. All TDB drayage drivers are TWIC® certified and have access to all the ports, nationwide. The ports can be chaotic, but with TDB, you know you can be at ease.

Why work with TDB?

  • Innovative: TDB is constantly pursuing new and creative ways to help businesses. Top of the line equipment, warehouses, and technology keeps you ahead of the game.

  • Asset-Based 3PL (Third Party Logistics): TDB has instant access to its own trucks, warehouses, and distribution equipment. One stop source for all your logistic needs.

  • International: TDB has your exports and imports covered. We have access to all the ports in the USA.

  • Warehousing & Storage: Thanks to our parent company Truck Depot LLC, we offer a large quantity of fully secured warehouses and storages across the nation.

  • Tech: We offer a one of kind app that will help you get instant access to quotes, tracking, and much more!

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