Let us Expedite your Freight

We have developed an efficient and effective network system to securely move your freight quickly, on-time, and claims free. Whether you have a last-minute recovery or have precise pickups and/or drop offs, we will operate towards your specific needs. Have a deadline that a single driver won’t be able to meet? Our set of team drivers are ready to keep your freight on the road non-stop until its destination.

Why Work with TDB?

  • Innovative: TDB is constantly pursuing new and creative ways to help businesses. Top of the line equipment, warehouses, and technology keeps you ahead of the game.

  • Asset-Based 3PL (Third Party Logistics): TDB has instant access to its own trucks, warehouses, and distribution equipment. One stop source for all your logistic needs.

  • International: TDB has your exports and imports covered. We have access to all the ports in the USA.

  • Warehousing & Storage: Thanks to our parent company Truck Depot LLC, we offer a large quantity of fully secured warehouses and storages across the nation.

  • Tech: We offer a one of kind app that will help you get instant access to quotes, tracking, and much more!

Ask Us a Question

Our talented team of dispatchers are available 24/7. Drop us a message, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.